Chandlery & Rigging

Chandlery & Rigging

At Wigmore Wright we are the best-equipped, on-the-water marine service centre, offering a fine selection of products and services.

As well as offering unparalleled repairs we also specialise in supplies of equipment for boats, having access to parts, accessories and maintenance equipment for all shapes and sizes.


We believe that all boaters should make the effort to make their boat look more homely, giving it the love and attention it deserves. By making a few purchases you can completely transform the feel of your boat, beautifying it to the fullest. We can provide a range of boat seats, fenders, buoys, search lights, boat trailers and traditional nautical pieces that will give your boat that finishing touch.

Contact us at the workshop for further details on our catalogue of suppliers.


Rigging is the mechanical sailing apparatus that is supported by the hull, allowing boats to move as a whole. Being such a vital part of the vehicle it is essential that the equipment used for the rigging system is of a high standard.

At Wigmore Wright we stock a range of masts, yards, sails, cordage and spares for all types of boats, ensuring our customer’s boats both look and handle the best that they can. In addition to this we can also provide parts and advice for standing rigging, halyards, furlex, facnor and other furling systems.

If you require an expert in chandlery or rigging be sure to visit our workshop and learn the full extent of what we can supply and fit.