Electrics and Electronics

Electrics and Electronics

As well as offering structural work, we are also highly thought of for our knowledge of boat electrics and electronics, working with the latest technology when carrying out repairs.

As the boat engine has modernised so has the equipment to maintain them, with Wigmore Wright always staying one step ahead with regards to tools and machinery. Engine management, navigation, steering and gearbox systems all running from electric structures, therefore it is imperative that your boat’s electrics are finely tuned, encouraging the best performance and longevity possible.

At Wigmore Wright we are constantly investing in our diagnostic equipment, ensuring all of our machines can recognise faults on both new and old engines. Equipped with a fully-formed workshop we work quickly once we have diagnosed an error, relying on our software to kick-start the repair process.

Whether your boat is in need of welding, part replacement or retuning, have faith that either our staff or our technology will detect the issue as soon as it arrives.

The benefits of diagnostic tests include:

So, whether you require work on your gearbox or would just like us to give your new boat the once over, contact us today and speak with a mechanical expert.