Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering

At Wigmore Wright we offer engineering services from our base on Penarth Marina, fitted with a fully functioning workshop and boatyard. Having been marine engineers since 1993 we have made a name for ourselves as being fully-fledged boat experts, providing various skills to the boaters of Cardiff, Penarth and South Wales.

Having evolved with the times means we have a reputation of modernity, possessing the ability and equipment to work on all types of boats, new and old alike.

Our engineering services are diverse; with Wigmore Wright highly sought-after for a wide range of boat work including, but not exclusive to:

We can also cater to winterisation and installation of inboard and outboard engines.

Why choose Wigmore Wright?

We boast the experience to diagnose and fix any faults with ease.

Our team operate with your time preferences in mind, ensuring you and your boat are back on the water as soon as possible.

All of our staff are both highly knowledgeable and imaginative, crafting ways to enhance your vehicle for the best price possible.

We stock and source the best parts from both dealers and independents, securing the finest materials for our clients.