Engine Sales and Service

Engine Sales and Service

Whether you are looking to part with a boat engine or to invest in one, we at Wigmore Wright can assist. Stocking an array of products from complete engines, both inboard and outboard, to small parts and materials, we can provide a wealth of services to the boat owners of South Wales.

Buy an engine

Many own a boat for their love of sailing, seeing their boat as a gateway to exploration and freedom. However, when your boat requires a new engine suddenly the luxury of owning one becomes a living nightmare.

As a business we understand how stressful this can be, with mechanical faults coming as unwanted surprises. For this reason we sell new and old engines in-house, allowing us to remove and fit new engines quickly yet efficiently.

Limiting the time you are without your cherished possession is the ethos that we work with, providing high standard, low cost engines from an assortment of brands.

Servicing your boat

Like a car all boats need to be serviced, ensuring all parts are performing as they should, with no looming engine disasters on the horizon. We deliver an acclaimed boat servicing facility here at Wigmore Wright, in Penarth Marina, offering our expertise on everything from day boats to ocean-sailing yachts.

We have both the knowledge and means to service Volvo Penta, Mercruiser, Cumin Onar, Yanmar, Mariner, Eberspacher, Honwave, Garmin and many other boat brands.

Make an appointment

If you wish to have your boat serviced then call us today and make an appointment. A member of the Wigmore Wright team will ensure your boat is booked in for a time and date that best suits you.